Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elgin National Little League?

Elgin National Little League, founded in 1951, is a local chapter of the International Little League program ( Little League Baseball, Incorporated, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist in all lawful ways, the interest of those who will participate in Little League Baseball and Softball." Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes. Although we cooperate with the Elgin Parks district, we are NOT a Parks district program.  You cannot register through the Centre.

Can my child play with the ENLL?

To play in our league you must live or attend school within its boundaries. These are: North of Rte. 20; south of I-90; East of the Fox River, and West of Rte 59. We serve almost everyone with zip code 60120, but also some with zips 60192 and 60107.  If you live West of the Fox River in 60123 or 60124 you are looking for Elgin Classic Little League or Northwest Little League.  Use the Little League  
League Finder tool to identify the appropriate league for you.   If you live in an adjacent area that has no Little League, contact the Player Agent for ENLL---you may be able to play with us. 

If you moved out of our area but have played with us before you can continue to play with ENLL, but you must obtain a waiver before June 1st, especially if you are All-Star eligible.  Contact the Player Agent  at for information.

Which division should my child play in?

The Elgin Little League is guided by Little League International rules regarding establishing Divisions. Divisions are determined by a combination of league age, experience, and evaluations. 

             A child’s baseball league age for the 2022 baseball season is determined by their age on August 31st, 2022.  Consult the  Baseball Age Chart.

             A player’s softball league age for the 2022 softball season is determined by their age on December 31st, 2021. Consult the Softball Age Chart. 

This league age stays the same until the 2023 season, regardless if they have a birthday during the season.

For Fall Ball 2022, players should play at the level of their 2023 league age.

If you wish your child to play in a division that does not match his/her suggested age range, please contact the Player Agent or the Division VP before registration. If you have a question about the most appropriate division for your child please contact the Player Agent or the VP for the Division(s).

Where are the games played?

Home games are played on the fields at Hiawatha and Summit; 709 Summit St., Elgin (just north of Lord’s Park). Older divisions and all softball teams travel to other fields in District 13. 

When are the practices and games?

Schedules will not available until April. Practices are usually held 1-3 times per week, beginning in early to mid April (depending on weather conditions and field condition), on the fields at Hiawatha and Summit, just north of Lord's Park. Times and days are determined by the manager and division VP based on availability of the practice field. Generally they are in the evening during the week and on Saturdays. Regular season games begin in mid/late April and end mid/end June-early July, depending on the division. Tournament Play (optional) may continue through the summer. Regular season games (1-3 per week) are normally held from 6:00-8:00pm or 8:00-10:00pm during the week, and on Saturdays between 10:00am-5pm. Make up games may be scheduled on Sundays. Tball and Instructional Players have 12-14 games in a season; higher divisions have 16-22 games.

How do I register?

Registration for the Spring season opens in the December or January before the coming season. Registration closes in early March for Minor-Junior teams and a few weeks later for Tball, Instructional, and Senior teams.
•    Register online at
•    Walk in registrations will be held, but are tba, in conjunction with tryouts at the Elgin Academy. Check our website ( and our Facebook page for updates.
•    By Mail:  download a registration form, a medical release form, and a model release form from the website.  Mail to ENLL, PO Box 1038, Elgin, IL 60120 with a check made out to ENLL. 

Online registrations after the last Walk In registration are subject to an additional fee ($25). Please plan to register as early as possible.   Late registrations cause difficulties for the board and disappointment for some players. We make final decisions about numbers of teams in early March after regular registration has ended. Team drafts are also held in March (mid April for T-ball and Instructional). Late registrants will only be accepted if there is a spot open on an already formed team. For late registrants there is no guarantee that you will be returned to your former team. Talking to or emailing a coach, a VP, or the player agent stating intent to play does NOT constitute registration. You must fill out a registration form, a medical release form, and make payment. The forms are available on our website ( and at the in-person registrations.

PLEASE NOTE: No player will be drafted, permitted to practice or play, or receive a uniform until all forms and payment have been received.  

What are the fees?

Fees vary by division due to differences in the number of games played and the cost of uniforms, umpires, and equipment. See the Registration tab for more details.

What do these fees cover?
•     The cost of the provided uniform (T-shirt or jersey; hat or visor, socks)
•     Provided equipment (bats, catcher’s equipment, balls, batting helmets)
•     Umpire fees 
•     Field maintenance costs and equipment
•     Utilities
•     Little League charter and insurance fees

Is there a family discount?

If you have 3 or more kids registering you will pay for the two most expensive and get the 3rd and 4th free. But the website cannot calculate this automatically.  Please register all of your kids, don’t make a payment (choose the Check option), then send an email to to let us know and we will manually adjust the account.

Refund Policy

The Elgin National Little League policy for Player Fee Refunds is as follows: 
•    If the player withdraws after the draft, but before a uniform is ordered, a 100% Refund will be allowed. 
•    If the player withdraws after the uniform is ordered, but before opening day, the refund will be 100% minus the cost of the uniform (~$30). 
•    If a player quits after opening day for their division, NO Refund will be allowed. 
•    If a player is unable to play due to a medical reason and there is a written document from a doctor supporting a medical issue that prevents the player from participating, then the player will receive a prorated refund. 

What else do I need for in person registration?

•    If you are a new player bring an original, certified Birth Certificate for the player – hospital certificates, passports and copies of birth certificates cannot be accepted.  If we have previously scanned the child's birth certificate at registration or for All-Stars it is not necessary to bring it again.
•    You need a Family Registration Form, on which all your children can be registered, and a Medical release Form for each child. Forms can be found in the “Documents” tab on our website. Forms will also be available at registration.
•     You will need to provide 3 forms of proof of address, unless you have a Player Tournament Registration Form from 2013-2019 or a School Enrollment Form.  Here is the list of acceptable documents:

1.    Driver’s License
2.    Voter’s Registration
3.    School records
4.    Welfare/child care records
5.    Federal records
6.    State records
7.    Local (municipal) records
8.    Support payment records
9.    Homeowner or tenant records
10.   Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
11.   Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records
12.   Insurance documents
13.   Medical records
14.   Military records
15.   Internet, cable or satellite records
16.   Vehicle records
17.   Employment records
•     Please note that only 1 example from each type is accepted. Three (3) Utility bills equals 1 form of residency

What happens after registration?

Some players will need to attend a try out (see below). After registration and tryouts are complete a draft is held to determine placement of players on teams. After the teams are drafted, the manager will be in contact with you through phone or email to let you know which team your child is on and the practice schedule.

Try Outs

Every player registered will be placed on a team. The try out is a skill evaluation for proper division and team placement. Try outs are usually held on one day in February and one in March at the Elgin Academy. At try out players will be asked to run, field, and throw. Please bring your glove and wear gym shoes.   The try out takes only a few minutes.

Who should try out:  

•     Players advancing or wishing to advance from Instructional League into baseball or softball Minor League.
•     Players previously in the Minor League (baseball or softball) who are returning to the Minor League.
•     Players previously in the Minor League advancing or wishing to advance to the baseball Intermediate or softball Major League.

•     Players previously in the Minor League advancing or wishing to advance to the baseball Intermediate or softball Major League
•     Players advancing or wishing to advance from Major League to Junior League in baseball or softball.
•     Players new to the league in any division except Tball and Instructional.

Who does NOT need to try out:

•    Players in the Tball or Instructional League, new or returning.
•    Players returning to Major League or Junior teams.
•    Players in the Senior Leagues—if necessary, tryouts will be scheduled at a time TBA.

What do I need to purchase?

Basic equipment such as balls, bats, and batting helmets are provided. You must provide your own glove (catcher’s glove provided) and baseball pants.  Gym shoes are fine for Tball and Instructional players, but Minor and Major league Baseball and Softball players are encouraged to have baseball shoes. Metal cleats are allowed only in the Junior and Senior divisions.

Many players prefer to use their own bats and batting helmets. Baseball and Softball bats MUST meet Little League specifications. Before investing in a bat, consult the Bat Rules.

Also, note that there were changes in these rules in 2018. Don't buy a bat you won't be able to use in the future.

Who should I contact for....
•        practice and game schedules.........your team manager; or use the "Teams" button to see it online
•        rain delays............................................wait for a call/text/email from your manager 
•        questions about registration..........the Player Agent or the VP for the division 

ENLL Board
Each league is guided by a Board of Directors, five to 25 adult volunteers from the community. The local league Board of Directors, elected from and by the adult members of the league, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league within the rules, regulations and policies of Little League. Local Little Leagues are also provided with a suggested structure for organization, elections, etc., known as the league's "Constitution." Each league's Constitution must be reviewed and approved at the Regional Headquarters level. ENLL’s constitution and playing rules are posted on our website. A list of current Board members and their contact information is given on our homepage (

ENLL has a website ( and a Facebook page. If you are not currently receiving our emails and wish to please email

The local little league is an all-volunteer operation. We can keep our registration costs low only because of parent volunteers.  Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in Little League. After completing a Little League volunteer application and passing a required national background check, parents may become involved in practices, and be eligible as coaches, managers, umpires, local league board members and other volunteer positions within the league. We have a continuing critical need for help with team managers, concessions, field maintenance, fund-raising, sponsorship, and board members. Please consider donating a few hours of your time to Little League. We cannot make this work without your help.

Sponsorship / Donate
Have a business? Consider sponsoring one of our teams. See the Sponsorship Link on the website for more information.

The All-Star Tournament starts after the regular season concludes. Please see the All-Stars Tournament page for more information.

Fall Ball 
Fall Ball focuses on fun and instruction, providing a chance to hone and develop skills.  Standings are not kept.  Players should play in the division they will be in the following spring, which gives a chance to learn the new rules and adjust to the larger field of the new division.   Look for online registration close to the end of the regular season.  We offer Fall Ball for all baseball and softball divisions, and sometimes for Tball and Instructional Levels based on demand.

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